A little more 411 on VRS

What does VRS stand for?

VRS = Vertical Ride Solutions.

Are you an independent elevator sales and service provider?

Yes, after 30+ years working with all top elevator and escalator brands (Otis, Mitsubishi, ThyssenKrupp, Kone, Schindler, and many more) it was very apparent their was a need for an independent provider that provides consistent, reliable and transparent work. Proud to fill that need for our customers.

What separates VRS from Competitors?

We might be the new kid on the block but we have over 30+ years of experience. Our founder and maintenance specialists are some of the most trusted names in the elevator and escalator profession.

We check all the boxes:

  • Independent and dedicated to each of our customers
  • Transparency in through entire process
  • Preventative Maintenance approach
  • White glove customer service

Can you show me an ROI?

We can show you an ROI starting day one. VRS has the ability to get competitive pricing from everyone. Additionally, with our preventive maintenance and elevator intelligence services we can save you 100’s thousands of dollars in future repairs and costly modernizations.

Most importantly, VRS can provide safety and keep you in compliance. Our customers count on our immediate and long-term cost-savings but rely on our ability to provide safety measures to considerably reduce your risk exposure.

Can you work on my elevators?

Yes, we have experience working with all types and brands. Our maintenance and repair specialists are seasoned and fluent in just about every elevator operating or not-operating. Our pride of work and reputation within the industry is stellar and we plan to keep it that way.

Where can I see some of your projects?

Yes, you can follow our projects on Instagram @vrselevator where you can see our wide range of service offerings and how clean our work is.

If you’re still reading this, we dig you too! You must be seriously engaged or interested in partnering with VRS. We appreciate it, it is not easy disrupting an established elevator industry. We look forward to talking about your specific needs and partnering with you on your next project. #ridewithus

VRS is an independent full-service elevator and escalator provider

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