Preventive Maintenance Service

Elevator Repair Service


VRS is all about preventive maintenance. We pride ourselves on knowing your equipment better than you, and ensuring that you know what equipment needs servicing to increase your ROI.

10 Reason(s) Why VRS:

  1. Monthly PREVENTIVE Maintenance – Mechanic reviewing equipment to identify any pending issues
  2. Part replacement prior to shutdowns
  3. Open communication
  4. We are transparent
  5. Reduction of annoying trouble calls
  6. We stay on budget
  7. Online portal for communication services, repair and financials
  8. Increasing elevator and escalator equipment longevity
  9. Examining elevator and escalator safety, adjustments and cleaning
  10. You’ll love our high touch maintenance service.

Know exactly where your elevator and escalator technician is on your maintenance schedule.

Have 100% visibility on status of your equipment

Seasoned veterans with the highest level of experience and proven track records of workmanship servicing your elevator and escalators on monthly basis

Elevator Repair

We look at your elevators and escalators as complete interface before we determine what repairs are needed. We will review prior maintenance services and determine current and future repairs needed to save you money and improve your vertical transportation availability. Preventive maintenance and repair allows us to be the most efficient elevator and escalator provider in Southern California servicing: Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernandino, Riverside, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. (Inquire about servicing: Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona)

Need an efficient elevator and escalator provider in Southern California?

Let us review your current and future repairs needs to save you money